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Ring Game Info Window

The Ring Game Info Window gets you playing faster than ever. In Standard View, simply select the format, game type and stakes you want to play and his Play Now. You’ll be automatically added to a player pool with players looking to play the same games and when a seat is available you’ll be seated and can start playing straight away.

Ring Game Info Window

Customize Your Lobby Widgets

Follow these steps to customize your widgets in Standard View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby:

  1. Click the Customize button at the bottom right of the Standard View game lobby to open the Customize Lobby Widgets window.
  2. Use the Customize Lobby Widgets window to enable or disable any Widget and order how you view the Widgets in the game lobby.
  3. Once you’ve configured the Lobby Widgets, click the OK button to save your settings.
  4. Expand the Full Tilt Poker game lobby vertically to view more widgets at the same time, or click the arrow buttons at the right side of the lobby to scroll through each widget.